private email forwarding
ShadowMail is simple to use. Simply enter your email address and start using your private, virtual email address immediately.
ShadowMails is 100% open source . You can audit our code yourself to ensure you're comfortable with our practises.
We care about privacy as much as you do. As such we never save, read or otherwise monitor your emails.
Frequently Asked Questions
What is ShadowMail?

ShadowMail is a private email forwarding service. Any email sent to a ShadowMail address will be forwarded on to your personal email address.

Why did you create this service?

Have you ever given your email address to a website only to start recieving spam? ShadowMail is our solution, by giving each website a different email address you can see which website has sold or lost your details. You may then delete that single email address avoiding all spam while keeping your email account intact.

Does this service cost money?

No. This is a service created for personal use instead of financial gain. We have simply decided to open it up to the world.

Do you read or record emails?

No. We strongly believe in privacy. Your emails are not saved, read, or otherwise processed. The only thing we do is append a delete link to the end. All of our code is open source and we encourage users to check our methodologies.

Are there any limits in place?

Yes, currently you may only create 3 emails addresses every 30 minutes. This is limited by both receiving address and IP address.